Total drama something is proud to present our host...Edit

"Hey, welcome back. Have a waffle. Combine your I think I went out of things."

"That doesn't matter!" Courtney called from the back throwing a show at him.

"We have Eva, Trent, Katie, Geoff and Sadie back."

"I SAID GIVE IT BACKK!" Eva yelled before wrestling Katie.

"This is a complete waste of time."

"Hi Chris the crazy," Heather said.


Challenge oneEdit

"First challenge is get to the end of the nst without being bitten. Cody, you first." Cody started climbing the giant alligators nest only to be swallowed in a matter of seconds. "Next!" Eva leapt onto the crocodile alligator and managed to get nearly all the way across before having to swim. "Sierra!" Sierra leapt on the alligators jaw and its head before landing on the side like a ballirena.