Teeny Tiny Author's Note! Edit

*Author's Note!* ; Hello readers! This is my very first story on here. I am a dedicated writer, and I have spent quite some time on this idea. All of the OC's go to the creators, and I name them and give them personalities and names. I came up with the idea of the story, and I am pretty pleased with the outcome. Please don't lack creativitiy, which means don't take my idea or copy my writing. Thank you so much for reading my official story, and have a blessed day! Oh, and also, positive feedback is a good thing! -TheGirlWithThePearls.

Snippet Of The Story! ^~^Edit

This story is about seven normal teenagers who end up in a setting similar to that of Total Drama when they are persuaded to reserve a spot for a luxurious vacation in paradise. The island appears to be telling the truth, but the atmosphere keeps messing with their minds. From sunshine to one day and rain or snow to another, these few campers must deal with the multiple weather changes as they keep coming their way.

Cover tdrotw

Introduction Of The Characters. Edit

There are seven characters who will be introduced as original contestants in the beginning, and the other four who have yet to be mentioned will be introduced later into the story. The names of the characters on the cover are in the accurate order, and so are the names of the four mystery characters, but their appearances will be a secret until their debut. They will either come in the same episode or two in one episode and the other two in the next. I wouldn't want to spoil the story! 

Character's Name Team Rank Episode Eliminated Merge?
Ainsley Pastel Peacocks
Bradley Neon Nematodes
Prisca Mae Neon Nematodes
Shep Neon Nematodes
Callie Pastel Peacocks
Daniel Neon Nematodes
Kenzie Neon Nematodes
Tony Pastel Peacocks
Donnabella Pastel Peacocks
Lucas TBA
Celeste Pastel Peacocks

Chapter One. [Stop, Drop, & Flop.] Edit

StopDropFlop! owo

The first episode.