The show focuses on the Total Drama contestants after the four seasons.

Season OneEdit

Season One was announced by Teletoon, and would consist of thirteen episodes, as a quick, trial run, to see how the show would fare with it's audience.

Episode One: Baby Got WhackEdit

The episode begins with Sierra announcing her pregnancy to Cody, and that she ignored the signs of pregnancy, and blamed her weightgain on hormones, to which he is frightened. In fear, he calls Gwen for help, unsure of what he was going to do, as Sierra won't be working for much longer with her issue. She informs him to man up, and start handing out resumes, because they need it, and he sighs, and agrees. Sierra annoys him, as they begin to discuss baby names, to which he replies that he doesn't even think he wants a child, which upsets her. Meanwhile, Zoey, Leshawna, Mike, Scott, Noah and Heather attend their first day at college. Leshawna and Zoey are now roommates, and they instantly become best friends. As they meet their new neighbours, they are shocked to find out that Heather is attending the same college. All while this is happening, Dawn protests at the destruction of a beautiful park, home to many animals, which is going to get transformed into a few new buildings. From that moment, she meets Gwen, and they move the protest up to the City Hall, defensive of this. Once there, Gwen runs into Trent, which makes for an awkward moment. The episode ends with Cody announcing he got a job in retail, at the shopping centre, while she finds out that there are twins on board.