Total Drama Pokemon Island (AKA Total Drama Supreme All Stars Pokemon) is an all stars season and the first all stars not to have "all stars" in it. Everyone is given the power to transform into a certain Pokemon.

Pokemon Transformations (in elimination order):

Amy: Shiny Nidorina

Courtney: Shiny Jigglypuff

Samey: Shiny Rhydon

DJ: Stantler

Gwen: Kirlia

Heather: Meowth

Scott: Shiny Sandslash

Sky: Togekiss

Ella: Shiny Furfro

Noah: Noctowl

Topher: Raichu

Max: Arcanine

Anne Maria: Cinccino

Mike: Bulbasaur

Zoey: Torchic

Lindsay: Ivysaur

Tyler: Wartortle

Dave: Alakazam

Scarlett: Shiny Sylveon

Leonard: Shiny Abra

Sierra: Bayleef

Sugar: Shiny Slurpluff

Cody: Eevee



Pt. 1 of Ep. 1: Pokemon Surprise Part 1

Pt. 2 of Ep. 1: Pokemon Surprise Part 2

Ep. 2: A Shock to Remember!

Ep. 3: Mystery Find

Ep. 4: Mad Animals, Bad Animals

Ep. 5: Stockpile, Swallow, and Spit Up

Ep. 6: Flight For The Gold

Ep. 7: Claws Off, Pesky Sandslash!

Ep. 8: The Power of Trump Card

Ep. 9: Power Chaos!

Ep. 10: Secrets of Secret Power


Ep. 11: A Spook to Remember

Ep. 12: Hungry Strikes (First episode with double elimination)

Ep. 13: Ability Strike

Ep. 14: Secret of My Failure

Ep. 15: Power Brunch

Ep. 16: Double Team Trouble (second episode with double elimination)

Ep. 17: Tele-Port Ahoy!

Ep. 18: An Agreement Is An Agreement

Ep. 19: Battle For The Million!