Total Drama National is another of my series. It's the sequel to Total Drama Cartoon Celebrities.


7 contestants from last season plus 8 other contestants compete in a series of painful business. They will compete for the million dollars again, but this time have to maim each other for it.



  • Chris McLean
  • Chef Hatchet


  • Alejandro (labeled the Arch-Villain) Eliminated: Race to the Cash
  • Cameron 
  • Courtney (labeled the Overachiever) Eliminated: Exiled!
  • Eugene H. Krabs
  • Gwen
  • Heather (labeled the Queen Bee) Eliminated: Healthy Hooligans
  • Jo
  • Larry the Lobster
  • Owen (labeled the Party Guy) Eliminated: Chef's Meatyballs
  • Patrick Star (labeled the Dim-Witted Seastar) Eliminated: Review of the Season
  • Pearl Krabs
  • Sandy Cheeks 
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (labeled the Optimistic Cleanser) Becomes winner of the season in Eternal Bonds.
  • Squidward Tentacles
  • Zoey


  • Ezekiel (The Zeke Games)
  • Duncan (Bail-Outs for Duncan)
  • Izzy (The Defensive Drama)
  • DJ (Chef's Meatyballs)
  • Lightning (Exiled!)
  • Scott (Target: Eugene Krabs)


  • Team Society is a red team with a head logo. Consists of Patrick, Owen, SpongeBob, Sandy, Gwen, Cameron, Larry, and Zoey. This represents players with no intent of winning the million dollars. Serves as the season's superior team.
  • Team Millions is a green team with a millions of dollars logo. Consists of Alejandro, Squidward, Heather, Courtney, Pearl, Mr. Krabs, and Jo. This represents players who desire on winning the million dollars.


Race to the CashEdit

Race to the Cash


Race to the McLean Society House wearing blindfolds; Make a fundraiser to receive money.


Team Society



The episode begins with Chris and Chef standing in front of a building: the McLean Society House (AKA the season's main location). Patrick does his EXTREME introduction for the season, which still impresses Chris. Patrick is excited for the season, but Chris surprises him with 14 other contestants. From Cartoon Celebrities comes SpongeBob, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Larry, and Pearl. From other generations come Owen, Gwen, Heather, Alejandro, Cameron, Jo, Courtney, and Zoey. Patrick screams crazily in the confessionals.

After the opening, Patrick asks Squidward sarcastically, "How was prison?" Squidward responds that he had to suffer many elephants eating his ashed body, which he needed a prosthetic plush replacement, and then scowls at Patrick. Heather then confronts him with a hostile welcome. Squidward complains that he is not replacing her, yet the two fight and maim each other up. Gwen states that she vows never to compete again but Chris disagrees as her misery is for the ratings. Chris then introduces the season's format and rules. Chris then gives them the challenge: race to the McLean Society House.

Patrick, despite his hatred towards exercise, manages to run faster than anyone else. Owen and SpongeBob chase after him saying, "Wait Up! We can't run that fast." Cameron holds on to Zoey during the race, Mr. Krabs stays with Pearl, and Courtney, Larry, Squidward, Jo, and Heather attempt to be as fast as Patrick. Sandy makes a long lasso towards SpongeBob and ties him so she can lead to victory. Alejandro complains to Chris about the challenge and Patrick. Chris doesn't care about Alejandro's whining and focuses on Patrick's success more. Meanwhile, Patrick manages to reach there first, though with a cornucopia of sewat. Squidward then tries to tell Heather that he isn't replacing her but she disputes at him. Jo then joins on the arguement stating that she should be the "Alpha-Heather." They beat each other up until Courtney runs into them, rolling down towards Owen's direction, who farts on them. Sandy and SpongeBob reached there with Owen following along as four people are stuck to his butt. In the confessionals, Squidward, Courtney, Heather, and Jo barf altogether. Larry, Cameron, Zoey, Mr. Krabs, Pearl and a queasy Alejandro reach there last. Chris then arranges them into teams.

Alejandro asks if the challenge is over. Patrick responds, "No way, Jose." Alejandro tells him not to call him that because it's the name of his brother. Gwen, already inside the house, tells Alejandro that they already met Jose. Patrick states that the teams must do a fundraiser. They then get into their stands. Team Millions use chocolates as their selling props. Team Society uses pencils as their souvenirs. When the tourists arrive, they direagard Team Millions' chocloates and are attracted to Team Society's pencils, courtesy of SpongeBob and Patrick's popularity in their home universe. Chris tells Team Society that they win the challenge. Alejandro then yells at Chris about the horribility of the season and enragedly quits. Patrick, in the confessionals, states, "Alexander Dead Donkeys really needs to learn to be flexible with everything in his life, even Jose."

Chris, in the lobby with Chef and Team Millions, tells them about the elimination ceremony: Conetstants vote for who they get to vote and with the most votes will be revealed in the Wheel of Potential. The team complains about the Wheel. Chris states, "However...., but since Alejandro quits the season, this will not happen tonight." Alejandro, in relief, leaves, but Chris introduces him to the season's elimination exit: the Tire of Shame. Alejandro complains about the wheels and the tires of the season, but Patrick rolls him out of the season. The two then sign off and are relieved to be free from Alejandro's incessant complaining.

Slogan SchmorgishboardiesEdit

Slogan Schmorgishboardies


Make an impressive advertisement that would amuse Chris.


Team Millions



The episode begins with Chris getting numerous phone calls from the producers about the seson's quality. Patrick eavesdrops and tells Chris about the solution: A catchy advertisement. Chris beleives him and goes to extremes and turns this into a challenge. Mr. Krabs, in the confessionals, states, "Hmmm... If I want to win the million dollars, I'll just have to be Navy and get rid of any obstacles that would blungeon me." In Team Millions' room, Squidward continues arguing with Heather that he isn't replacing her. Heather continues doubting him, but the octopus then submits in order to form an alliance with her. Jo joins in Squidward's alliance, which Heather is forced to agree. Heather asks Squidward who they are disposing of. Squidward responds, "Everyone." Heather doesn't seem to agree with him about that due to her attraction to Patrick.

Chris then pop out of nowhere in their room about the challenge. Pearl and Courtney complain about his interruptions and unpermissions. Chris tells Team Millions about the challenge: Make an impressive advertisement. The entire team complains about the challenge in the confessionals. In Team Society's room, Patrick tells his team about the wonders and the relaxation of their room. Gwen, getting massaged, agrees with him. SpongeBob and Owen ask him the challenge, to which he responds, an advertisement. Cameron asks SpongeBob why they are asking Patrick about the challenges. Owen tells him that because since Patrick is Chris's favorite contestant, he knows anything going on. Larry, Sandy, and Zoey are knowledged by this.

The teams then start on their advertisements about Total Drama. Patrick advises his team that they should do a cartoon. Larry tells him that he should dp the drawings. Patrick agrees on that and tells that he and everyone else should give him ideas within the ad. Instead of doing their ad, Team Millions do other stuff. Courtney stares at Patrick dreamily as she is in love with him. Pearl tells her that Patrick is as slobbish as Owen, but Courtney kicks the whale in the groin. Pearl complains about Corutney in the confessionals. Mr. Krabs starts scheming of how he should win the season. Squidward then tells his alliance that Mr. Krabs should befall first due to his greedy personality. Jo opinionates that Krabs may be greedy, but has a heart towards Pearl and SpongeBob. Heather states that they should manipulate someone else. Squidward silences the two and gos with his plan.

When Team Society does their ad, it included drawings of themselves, Chris, and Chef. It would be a persuasive attempt to be amused to the season. Krabs then decides to sabotage Larry as Team Scoiety has more members and that since he's in charge of their drawings, the lobster's vunerability is exposed. Krabs tells Larry that there is a sign in the bathroom about him, causing the lobster to run in the bathroom. Krabs then sqitches his drawings with profanitical replacements instead. Krabs waddles back to his team to start on their ad. When Chris asks for their ad, Patrick shows it but instead shows indiscriminate profanity instead, courtesy of Mr. Krabs. Chris is stunned by this and moves to Team Millions'. Krabs shows him their heartbreaking ad, causing the host to give them their victory.

Patrick asks who to eliminate on their team. The others respond, "Larry." Patrick states in the confessionals, "Larry wouldn't be this mean towards Chris, but I smell a rat, a very greedy rat indeed." Larry the quotes in the confessionals, "I didn't make this, but I think someone must've switched them." At the elimination ceremony, the contestants vote Larry, while he votes Sandy. The Wheel of Potential spins and lands on Larry. Larry is shocked at this and ends up taking the Tire of Shame, being rolled down. Chris and Patrick then sign off.

S.S. McLeanEdit

S.S. McLean


Drive the cruise back to shore.


Team Millions



Patrick becomes suspicious of Squidward again and asks his teammates to do an investigation of him. Unbeknowest to Patrick, Squidward didn't sabotage them, but Mr. Krabs did. Patrick then confronts Squidward about the previous day. Squidward tells Patrick that he wasn't responsible for any sabotage done to his team. Patrick tears one of his plush tentacles off, causing Heather and Jo to snicker at him. Squidward tells them that it wasn't funny and takes his torn arm from Patrick. As Patrick goes back to his team, Courtney dreamily follows him. She then responds in the confessionals, "That guy knows how to take charge once in a while." SpongeBob asks Patrick if it was Squidward. Patrick responds, "No, but I'm still on the investigation."

At the cafeteria, Chris fanfare announces that they are going to the beach. The contestants scream with burst and miracles. Chef tells SpongeBob that they'll be on a cruise. Patrick tells the others that it was part of today's activities. When they get on the bus to the beach, they go to the cruise named the "S.S. McLean." Once aboard and leaving the wharf, Owen is excited about the buffet, the spa, and its rooms. Heather asks why Chris gives them in a cruise. He responds that they've all been tortured enough lately and decides that they should have a day of placidation. Heather then springs to the spa. Even after the relaxation, Mr. Krabs continues his victory spree and decides to dispose of Gwen. As Chef and Chris are in the driving area, Mr. Krabs interrupts him. He inconspicuously pushes Chris and Chef out of the cruise back to shore and then damages the controls of the ship that would sink them.

Chris announces to Patrick that his team would need to complete the challenge. Courtney then grips to Patrick and decides to make out with him. Patrick becomes blissed after she kisses him on the lips. Gwen becomes shocked by this. SpongeBob tells him that the controls have been destroyed and the ship is soon to be in sink mode. Chef tells that everyone should pilot the cruise back to shore before it sinks. Gwen begins to pilot it back but Mr. Krabs, not wanting his scheme to fail, pulls her away up to the portbow, where he throws her down to the ocean. Zoey realizes this and attacks Mr. Krabs in order to save Gwen.

Squidward tells Heather and Jo discover Mr. Krabs's strategy for this season. Squidward states in the confessionals that Mr. Krabs is more gruesome than him for what he did to Gwen. Pearl then takes the wheel and drives them back to shore beyond swiftly. They all scream in unison as the speed increases. Mr. Krabs and Zoey continue fighting, but the crustacean manages to drop Gwen into the ocean. Zoey dives in to save her. As Gwen begins to drown, Zoey saves her and swims back to the about-to-be-sinking cruise. Pearl manages to bring them to the wharf as they all are safe as the S.S. McLean sinks. Gwen and Zoey were in the impact, flying them to the sand. Chris asks Patrick if he was okay, to which the starfish responds, "Definitely."

At the elimination ceremony, Gwen, with a dog collar on her neck, is automatically removed from the game due to Mr. Krabs ambushing her. Zoey tells Patrick that Mr. Krabs has sabotaged Gwen and Larry. Patrick vows in the confessionals that Mr. Krabs will befall soon. Gwen tries to warn all their other teammates but is rolled down. Chris and Patrick sign off.

The Zeke GamesEdit

The Zeke Games


Survive Ezekiel's wrath for an entire day.


Team Society





Mr. Krabs states that winning and abusing others' rights is a piece of cake. As he walked outside, the McLean Society House, he finds out that Patrick is on the boot of exterminating him. Inside, Jo and Heather discuss about their alliance with Squidward and decide to befall him, stating that he has taken the leadership out of them. Squidward notices this and eavesdrops on their discussion. Patrick, finding a way to dispose of Mr. Krabs, encounters Ezekiel.

Chris, in the surveilance room, finds Ezekiel in the footage dragging Patrick with him. Patrick speaks with him and asks what he was doing there. Ezekiel roars at him. Patrick responds, "Okay." and falls asleep. Chris then uses the loudspeakers to summon the contestants. He then tells them that Patrick is with Ezekiel and they have to survive his wrath. Zoey asks Chris if he's still scared of him. Chris responds by using his jetpack and bringing Chef and the interns with him. Sandy becomes suspicious of the challenge while Courtney tries to find Ezekiel to get to Patrick.

Ezekiel sneaks behind the walls and drags many contestants with him. First, he targets Mr. Krabs, who was attempting to manipulate Squidward. He then finds Cameron and Zoey, who were eating with vigilance. Cameron attempts to fight Ezekiel but the maniac was able to drag him and Zoey. Owen then follows Cameron's scent and discovers that Ezekiel took them to the bathroom. Over there, Owen finds Patrick in the showers, Mr. Krabs locked in the hot tub cemented, and Cameron and Zoey, Ezekiel's servants. Owen, rather than freeing them, decides to join them. Squidward asks Jo and Heather if they were scheming of his elimination. They denied it, but the octopus threatens them that if they took him down, they would befall instead. Ezekiel then barfs the three down.

Courtney, Pearl, SpongeBob, and Sandy were the only ones left after a few hours until 6:15 PM. Courtney goes to the surveilance room and discovers that Ezekiel has them hostage in the bathroom. Courtney manages to find them, only for Ezekiel to lock her in. Courtney screams in terror at first, but finds Patrick and stays with him. Jo and Heather tease Courtney that she loves Patrick. Courtney glares at them for teasing her. SpongeBob, Sandy, and Pearl manage to rescue them by unlocking the bathroom. Ezekiel begins to maim Pearl as SpongeBob frees them for imprisonment. Sandy then lassos Ezekiel to save a severely wounded Pearl.

When Chris returns with Chef and the interns, he discovers that Sandy has lassoed Ezekiel. Chris gives Team Society their victory. In the elimination ceremony, Pearl is automatically removed due to Ezekiel maiming her. Pearl blames Ezekiel for her elimination but is rolled down the Tire of Shame. Patrick then signs off with a lassoed Ezekiel before Courtney makes out with him.

Healthy HooligansEdit

Healthy Hooligans


Construct a model while making it active and healthy.


Team Society


Heather and Jo

Chris begins a healthy habits part of the show. He then tells the contestants about the healthiness of the challenge: build a model from the huge pail and after construction, make it active and healthy (by using a Pulse-O-Meter). Patrick states in the confessionals about healthiness and all of its advantages. Mr. Krabs states in the confessionals, "With my daughter gone, looks like I'd have to shut down the bogusness of this game and start on my next target: Squidward." The teams then find their parts from the pail but Patrick tells them that there are booby traps in the pail as well. The others scream at this. Heather complains to Chris about the traps. Chris states to Heather, "Y'all Non-Patricks thought that I was over being evil. Well guess what? You're wrong. Even with the essential Patrick Star, I'd still have to suffer several others, certainly you as well." Heather complains about Chris in the confessionals. Sandy criticizes Chris's Southern withdrawl in the confessionals.

After the others got the traps out, Patrick gets the parts for his team. Courtney and Chris dreamily find Patrick's valiancy an advantage towards luxuriness. Squidward tells Courtney to exterminate Heather and Jo for trying to dispose of him. Courtney agrees, even though she knew about his severe conflict with Patrick from the previous season. Squidward then finds a McLean Brand Chris Head in the empty pail after getting the parts for his team. Jo and Heather continue to discuss about disposing of Squidward, oblivious that will both befall because of the octopus.

Patrick, starving at high noon, goes inside to the kitchen and eats food from the refrigerator. He then comes back outside and talks to Owen and Cameron and Mr. Krabs' quality in the season. They tell Patrick that Mr. Krabs is beginning to become a threat after what he did to Gwen. They begin to elaborate of how to get rid of Mr. Krabs once and for all. Sandy and Zoey overhear Patrick and agree with him. Jo and Heather begin to discover that Mr. Krabs is just as untrustworthy as Squidward. They also learn that Squidward will befall them so they ask Patrick to help them. Patrikc responds by telling them that they're on opposite teams and he can't reach them.

As Team Society's model becomes active, Cameron pulses it to exercise. The exercise tricks it did included: somersalting, cheerleading, swimming, spinning arms, dancing, spinning, deathblowing, boxing, doing yoga, and cartwheeling. Chris is impressed by Team Society's model and tells Patrick that he ceases to unamuse him. As for Team Million's model, Heather and Jo's strategy of getting rid of Squidward doesn't pulse it at all. Mr. Krabs pulses it to attack Squidward. It does so, but is unable to dodge attacks from the octopus, especially when he inks on it. As a result of, the model "dies" and Chris announces Team Society the winners of the challenge.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris spins the Wheel of Potential, where it lands on Squidward. Heather, Jo, and Mr. Krabs laugh at Squidward, who then uses the immunity idol to save himself again. Chris spins the wheel again, where it lands on Jo and Heather, to their dismay. Squidward states in the confessionals that he and Courtney voted for both Heather and Jo each. Heather and Jo glare at Squidward in the Tire of Shame but bicker at each other instead. Squidward pushes them off but not before calling them "Rotten two-timers!" Squidward laughs and leaves, causing Mr. Krabs to glare at him. Chris and Patrick sign off.

Bail-Outs for DuncanEdit

Bail-Outs for Duncan


Catch Duncan and send him back to the RCMP.


Team Millions





Mr. Krabs, though on the opposite team, tries to form an alliance with SpongeBob to exterminate Squidward. SpongeBob refuses due to the way Squidward treated him pervious season. Krabs persuades SpongeBob that if they don't get rid of Squidward, there will be no more Krusty Krab and that the octopus would be more powerful to get rid of them again. SpongeBob then agrees and accepts. Krabs states in the confessionals that SpongeBob is his only ally left and if Squidward remains, they all go bye-bye again. Squidward eavesdrops at Mr. Krabs outside and bribes him with coins, to which he chases.

Chris and Patrick are in the surveilance room, watching random footage, when all of the sudden, without warning, Duncan pops up in a screen in prison, begging Chris to completely release him. Patrick tells Duncan, "No way we'll release dreaded criminals like you." Duncan then begs them that he'll do whatever they want. Chef pops up out of nowhere and doubts Duncan. Duncan then tells Chef that he'll get him a lady. Chef shouts to Chris to go to the prison and unleash the criminal. Chris uneasily tells him, "Fine." Chris then summons the other contestants in the room.

Everyone then goes to the federal jail Duncan's held in and gives the officers the bail to unleash the bad boy. Courtney doesn't seem to enjoy Duncan while Zoey tells the overachiever that she'll rehabilitate him to be more nicer. When they tell Duncan that he's been bailed out, he screams with joy and runs out of the facility. Back at the McLean Society House, Chris tells Duncan everything about the house and what he should do. Duncan then licks Chris and Chef, to their repulsion. Duncan then throws them to the dumpsters, where they'll rot, and takes over as host. Patrick cries over this.

Patrick tells everyone to dispose of Duncan as he wants to get at all of them. Zoey disagrees with him and states that Duncan can still turn good. Courtney follws Patrick's decision and calls the RCMP before Duncan yanks the phone out of the wall so she couldn't signal them. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs throw Squidward at Duncan, while the alliance runs for the bully to maim the octopus. Squidward mocks Duncan and calls him a hero. Owen and Sandy attack Duncan, yet he dodges their attacks. Patrick and Cameron tell Courtney to run as the two would take care of him. Duncan uses Squidward as a tiement and ties Owen and Sandy down. Zoey then states in the confessionals that they should treat Duncan with kindness instead of trying to send him down.

After witnessing Patrick, Cameron, and Courtney's shutdowns by Duncan, Zoey then begins her scheme as Mr. Krabs begins an idea: Orchestrate Zoey's elimination. Zoey then tries to turn Duncan nice by massaging and hospitalizing her. Duncan is soothed by this but knocks Zoey unconscious to begin maiming her. Mr. Krabs then completes the day by punching Duncan to pieces. Chris and Chef return and witness Duncan's beatdown. Krabs then throws Duncan to a dumpster truck. Chris tells Team Millions that they win the challenge and Zoey is automatically removed. Zoey, awake, asks why. SpongeBob tells her that her scheme of bonding with Duncan backfired. In the Tire of Shame, Zoey hugs Cameron goodbye as Krabs rolls her away. Chris and Chef then shower due to smelling very bad as Patrick signs off for them.

The Defensive DramaEdit

The Defensive Drama


Defend the McLean Society House against villainous construction workers.


Team Society





Following Zoey's elimination in the previous episode, Cameron fells bad for her that she worked hard to make Duncan nice and save her friends. Sandy tells him that he should let nature take it's course. Patrick and Owen then eat burgers. SpongeBob asks Mr. Krabs about how will they end Squidward. Mr. Krabs responds by convincing all the others to vote for him. SpongeBob then theorizes that Mr. Krabs that he's in a group of three. Mr. Krabs then thinks of another plan, leaving SpongeBob puzzled.

The next day, a cornucopia of construction crews arrive, surrounding the McLean Society House. Patrick quickly notices this and warns Chris. Chris then deals with the construction crews. He asks them why they are enicrcling the building. A worker responds that since Chris is a mean and abusive host, he and his possesions should be shut down. Chris cries about this and tells the teams about this. He announces that the challenge is to save the McLean Society House from the evil construction workers. Everyone except Patrick tells him that he had this coming for a long time and laughs at his upcoming downfall. Patrick then tells them about the million dollars and without Chris or Total Drama, nobody competes to win the million dollars. They then regret what they said to him and agree to protect the building.

For Team Million's strategy, they convince the workers to forgive Chris and stop their rampage. They diregard and begin battling them. Mr. Krabs abandons Courtney and Squidward, grabs SpongeBob, and runs to the bathroom. SpongeBob asks Mr. Krabs how they'll dispose of Squidward. He tells SpongeBob by increasing Team Society's efforts of stoppong the construction so he can end down Squidward. SpongeBob then tells him "Yes." and they both walk out to resume the challenge. Patrick notices this and decides to start his own alliance as well.

For Team Society's strategy, they try to overpower the bulldozers, cranes, wrecking balls, and excavators. Unfortunately, the scheme backfires multiple times from 1:00 PM to 8:28 PM at night. Patrick then starts his alliance with Owen and Cameron of getting immunity from Mr. Krabs' wrath. The two respond to Patrick about Squdiward's wrath as well. Patrick tells them that Mr. Krabs is beginning to befall Squidward and don't have to worry about the octopus. Patrick then runs into SpongeBob and the sea sponge tells Patrick to use his iron butt. He uses it, which disgusts the construction crews, forcing them to flee. Chris tells Patricka and the rest of Team Society that they win the challenge.

At the elimination ceremony, Izzy makes a surprising cameo spinning the Wheel of Potential. She is surprised about the participations of Bikini Bottomites like SpongeBob's. Squidward tells her to spin the wheel, where it lands on Squidward. Squidward complains again and cries. Mr. Krabs, in the confessionals, is shown to have tampere the votes (originally 2 for Mr. Krabs, he replaces them with 3 for Squidward). Squidward attempts to clobber Mr. Krabs before Patrick strangles him to the Tire of Shame and rolls him away, burning the octopus again. Patrick states in the confessionals that Heather has been avenged and signs off.

The National Bank of Chris McLeanEdit

The National Bank of Chris McLean


Take at least 20 coins with Chris's face in a bank vault and get it to the Team Society health model.


Mr. Krabs



From the previous episode, Patrick watches Squidward get arrested again, though by running into and smashing several vehicles in a parking lot. Squidward begs them that it wasn't his fault, but is decontaminated with herbivore oil again and eaten by elephants, regardless if actual or plush. Patrick laughs at his misfortune again. Mr. Krabs states in the confessionals, "With Squidward gone, true victory will befall at my hands." SpongeBob knocks at the door and asks Mr. Krabs what he was saying. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob that it was their victory. SpongeBob buys it and leaves.

The next day, Chris announces to the contestants that the teams are being merged. They all celebrate as Chris tells them about the challenge: In a bank vault comes money (both Canadian national and McLean national) and once they get at least 20, they move to Team Society's health model for actual approval. Patrick then tells Owen and Cameron the procedure of immunity: immediately befall Mr. Krabs. Cameron and Owen agree and do so. Patrick then walks away to Courtney's direction. Patrick tells her that Squidward got arrested from the previous night. Courtney then asks Patrick if they could walk together to the vault. Patrick agrees as he holds Courtney and jetstreams all the way there.

Sandy lassos towards SpongeBob again. On the way to the bank vault, Mr. Krabs distracts Sandy, stating, "Sandy, a visitor wants your autograph." Sandy believes him and dashes away as Krabs gets SpongeBob's attention. SpongeBob greets him as they walk to the vault. In the vault, the contestants (minus Sandy) try to search for Chris-faced coins. Patrick and Courtney are in luck as they find 20 coins. Patrick asks Chris if they should share them for shared victory. Chris allows him to do so as apparently he is still attracted to Patrick's endurancing stereotype and valliance. Mr. Krabs begins to find money, leaving Owen and Cameron in horror. They swiftly try to search for coins so they could have immunity.

Patrick and Courtney begin to leave with their coins. Mr. Krabs follows them, but not before Cameron and Owen dash on top of the crab. Krabs then maims them and realizes that they have agreed to an alliance by Patrick. Mr. Krabs vows to win the challenge so he can end the alliance piece by piece. Patrick notices the anticipation. SpongeBob, all alone in the bank vault, finally finds 20 coins and starts carrying them to the health model. Krabs then throws Owen and Cameron to Patrick and Courtney, knocking the four unconscious. Mr. Krabs then brings his 20 coins to the model. The model approves and Mr. Krabs win the challenge.

At the elimination cermony, Chris spins the Wheel of Potential, but Sandy interrupts him, quoting, "What'd I miss?" Chris glares at her for not participating in the challenge. Sandy did but Mr. Krabs decieved her. Mr. Krabs tells Chris that he can vote someone off by his chocie. Chris forgets to mention them about that and cries. Mr. Krabs selects Cameron so he can piece Patrick's alliance to nothingness. Patrick apologizes to Cameron, which the boy forgives him before Mr. Krabs pushes him down. Owen and Patrick glare at Mr. Krabs as they sign off for a weeping Chris.

Chef's MeatyballsEdit

Chef's Meatyballs


Contestants must eat huge meatballs created by Chef and DJ without fainting or vomiting.







The episode begins with Patrick trying to keep Owen safe at all times, in spite of interruptions by SpongeBob, Sandy, and Courtney. Patrick becomes more suspicious of Mr. Krabs as the crustacean evolves as a bigger threat than Squidward. In the cafeteria, the conetstants are served flapjacks by none other than DJ. He tells them that Chef will make the challenge. Chef then jumps out of nowhere and tells them the task: devour meatballs created by him and DJ and don't puke or faint or he/she's out of it. The contestants then prepare for the challenge.

Patrick and Owen states in the confessionals together, "Food challenges this season are like a once-in-a-lifetime moment that shold not be wasted." They leave and do their positive discussions about the challenge. Patrick then discusses with Owen about the challenge. They then discuss about Mr. Krabs being more powerful. Patrick assures to Owen that he'll protect him at all costs. Owen has his trust and guaranteement towards Patrick. Mr. Krabs begins to target Owen next as once the goofball befalls, Patrick becomes vunerablized.

Courtney and Sandy practice for Chef's challlenge. Sandy tells Courtney, "Despite being a cranky ex-CIT, you're very trustworthy to take challenges on all season." Courtney then thanks Sandy. SpongeBob begins to realize about his boss upon witnessing Cameron's elimination and the wipeout from the previosu day. He states in the confessionals that he's beginning to have second thoughts about the alliance. He then joins Sandy and Courtney for their practice.

When Chef begins the challenge, the players begin eating ravenously. Courtney, disgusted by the quality of Chef's meatballs, is encouraged by Patrick and Sandy to continue. She does so and is still intact. SpongeBob thanks DJ for the quality of the meatballs. DJ is complimented by this and creates a friendship toward SpongeBob, which the sponge accepts and does so. Mr. Krabs begins to sabotage Owen by charging at him to all the meatballs with a wide mouth swallowing it all. The plan succeeds, but Patrick chases after him to continue the immunity. Patrick states in the confessionals that he accidentally let his friends get backstabbed by Mr. Krabs instead of saving them. Owen barfs on all the other players (except Patrick), causing them to scream in repulsion. Patrick then completes the challenge, earning him is victory.

At the elimination ceremony, DJ spins the Wheel of Potential, where it lands on Owen. Patrick tells Owen that he'll miss him. Owen responds by hugging him goodbye, causing a disgusted Krabs to push the Tire of Shame, making Owen scream and vomit. Patrick states in the confessionals that he'll avenge Owen and Cameron from Mr. Krabs. Chef then signs off.




Sing a song to impress Lightning.







Patrick tries to warn his remaining friends about Mr. Krabs' ravenous desire to win the season. Unfortunately, Mr. Krabs confronts Patrick and tells the starfish that he will befall him next, due to the alliance destroyed. Patrick is forced to keep Mr. Krabs' secret so he wouldn't befall next. Patrick states in the confessionals, "Mr. Krabs is very impressive and yet threatening." Mr. Krabs states in the confessionals, "Either Patrick or cranky CIT goes bye-bye today. I will be rich with money and have nothing to do whatsoever with anyhting else." He leaves the confessionals.

At the cafeteria, Chris announces to them about the challenge: Sing a song to impress Lightning and win victory. Patrick then decides that he'll sing the Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way." SpongeBob decides that he'll sing "Sweet Victory." Courtney couldn't decide what to sing. Sandy would sing anything about Texas. Mr. Krabs sings a sea shanty from his childhood as a decision. Mr. Krabs vows that he will be rich and that the others go down with ease.

Chris then seperates them in different rooms: Patrick stays in the living room with a xylophone, SpongeBob practices his ukelele in the bathroom, Courtney does her guitar in the surveilance room, Mr. Krabs practices his singing in the room that was formerly Team Millions', and Sandy does her guitar in the former room of Team Society. Courtney still couldn't even think of a song and bangs her guitar. Sandy uses a country song mix composition that impresses Lightning. Patrick and SpongeBob succeed in starting off with their songs. Mr. Krabs, instead of practicing, schemes of disposing of either Patrick or Courtney.

When it's time for presentations, Lightning becomes impressed with the quality of the challenge: he gets to criticize their songs they'll be performing to him. Patrick impresses Lightning with his hidden majestic singing talent within "I Want It That Way." Lightnings shouts, "Sha-bam!" and gives Patrick a 10. After SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs are done with showing Lightning their songs, he gives them both a 6. Sandy's country mix consisted of several songs from Taylor Swift, Faith Hill, LeAnn Rimes, Carrie Underwood, and Keith Urban. It didn't impress Lightning one bit. However, Courtney couldn't even think of a song even after all this. Lightning asks her for her song. Courtney states she couldn't think of one to sing. Lightning then ignores her and tells Patrick that he wins the challenge. Patrick is happy that he won the challenge, but is sad that Courtney couldn't.

At the elimination ceremony, Lightning spins the Wheel of Potential, making it land on a convoluted singer: Courtney. Once again, Mr. Krabs has tampered with the votes, successfully inconspicuous. Courtney makes out with Patrick as Chef rolls the Tire of Shame down. Patrick becomes very alert towards Mr. Krabs and vows that the next day would be his last. He and Chris sign off with Lightning's "Sha-bam's."

Target: Eugene KrabsEdit

Target: Eugene Krabs


Retrieve Chris's jetback back from Scott.






Mr. Krabs

The episode begins with Patrick training on getting rid of the season's biggest threat: Mr. Krabs. Chris asks how he's doing, which the starfish responds that he's trying to dispose of Mr. Krabs. Chris asks Patrick, "Why don't you ask me to eliminate him?" Patrick responds, "Chris, I wanna beat Mr. Krabs, but in fair-and-square terms, not by worshipment praising." Chris is impressed that Patrick would still be fair in his participation and how he values it. Chris even states it in the confessionals. Mr. Krabs then asks SpongeBob if he still trusts him. SpongeBob responds "Yes," reliefing Mr. Krabs. Krabs states in the confessionals, "I hope I still have SpongeBob's trust, because anytime now, the season will end. As long as Patrick doesn't interfere, there will be no massacre."

Chef then shouts at Chris that Scott took his jetpack. Chris then sees Scott, as the miscreant tells the host, "As long as I have access to your powerful jetpack, I can end you for good." He then laughs evilly as he files away. Chris cries as his jetpack's gone, with Chef and Patrick consoling him. Chris states that he's nowhere without his jetpack. Patrick assures to him that they'll get his jetpack back from Scott. Chris thanks him and is still impressed. Patrick states in the confessionals, "At this point in the season, I've got to make it my best to stop any evil, whether if Scott of Eugene." Chris then assigns them to fetch his jetpack from Scott.

Patrick then follows Sandy, who he whispers to about Mr. Krabs. Sandy is devastated by the fact about the eliminations of Larry, Gwen, Squidward, Cameron, and Courtney and the fact of it's common factor: Mr. Krabs. Sandy then agrees with Patrick that Mr. Krabs must befall. Mr. Krabs realizes this and attempts to confront Patrick for exposing him, but SpongeBob asks Mr. Krabs about his rush. Mr. Krabs tells him that it is about completing the challenge (even though it's really about manipulating Patrick into getting eliminated.) SpongeBob once again buys this. SpongeBob states in the confessionals, "Mr. Krabs is avery bold and trustworthy boss to be buddies with." Mr. Krabs is relieved that SpongeBob is oblivious to his schemes.

When they find Scott after kilometers of runnning after him, they attempt to throw stuff at Scott. He dodges it and instead damage a forest. Patrick streams at Scott, but again misses. Scott tells them that they'll never stop him. Patrick then summons Fang to maim Scott. Scott doesn't believe him until he finds Fang piloting Chris's helicopter. Patrick throws Scott to the helicoptertop and gets Chris's jetpack back. Mr. Krabs begins to sabotage Patrick, but in the nick of time, Sandy warns SpongeBob about Mr. Krabs. SpongeBob doesn't believe this until he witnesses Mr. Krabs attacking Patrick. SpongeBob is devastated by this and thus, he and Sandy hold Mr. Krabs long enough for Patrick to return the jetpack to Chris. Chris declares Patrick the winner of the challenge, to Mr. Krabs' dismay.

At the elimination ceremony, Patrick selects Mr. Krabs to get eliminated. Mr. Krabs states that he'll never leave the show but everyone (including the interns) turn him into a buffet to be maimed by an elephant (even though their herbivores). Mr. Krabs screams as the elephant devours him. As for Scott, he ends up taking the Tire of Shame instead and Fang joins him. Chef pushes the tire and Scott screams as Fang eats him. Patrick considers the day to be appetizing (with Scott and Mr. Krabs as meals). Patrick then signs off.

Review of the SeasonEdit

Review of the Season


Complete a quiz about the overview.





The episode begins with Chris telling Chef about the quality of the season. Chris then states that for two seasons, Patrick has impressed him. Chef states that though not that much, he had the same experience with SpongeBob. Patrick, in the confessionals, states, "This is fantastic! I managed to end another antagonist. I also reached the final three twice. I wonder if I'll get eliminated sometime. I guess I'll have to anticipate today to find out." SpongeBob states in the confessionals, "This season is my kinda climax. Although I had a next-season experience with Mr. Krabs, I'm still in my prime. I'm happy that the skinflint boss is gone. That crab should've been outsies episodes ago. I can't believe he was that greedy. Neverthless, great climax of a season." Sandy is impressed too, but doens't say anything in the confessionals.

Chris then tells the final three in the cafeteria about that there would be a day-long quiz about the season. The three groan but decide to do the quiz. Chris then gives them their papers. Patrick then ponders about his perspective. He did his big introduction again, he won last season, met new friends, was in a superiorist position again, and sabotaged two villains. Patrick has shown to take a liking to the food in the entire game show, specifically Chef's cooking. He would be willing to eat anything, even inanomate appliances.

SpongeBob then does his perspective: It would be anything but negativity. He is shown to miss being home. The lad has been very nice to his surroundings, even his enemies. SpongeBob has made any Krabby Patty taste delicious. He is very clean and alwyas celebrates the holidays with some form of immunity in his heart. In the season, SpongeBob was still his old self. He would make anything a miracle towards anything. He could win a season in his external intentions. SpongeBob hopes to be one of the season's finalists.

Sandy's perspective is reached. Born from Texas, she moved to Bikini Bottom, and made friends, such as SpongeBob and Patrick. She has a countrylike stereotype, is scientific, observant, animal defensive, and a karate mistress. She would do anything to win, not by greed, but within how her sociality works in the season. She has been supportive of her friends in many ways. This would be the type of finalist anyone could be with Sandy around. As they were done with their tests, they discuss their perspectives toward each other.

At 8:00 PM, Chris reveals that Patrick passes the test and wins the challenge while SpongeBob and Sandy got 90%'s on their quiz. However, the producers call Chris, making the host cry. Chris wheezes to Patrick, "Patrick, even though you've won the challenge, the producers told me that you can't become a finalist more than once. Therefore, you're out." Chris then cries about this. Patrick cheers up Chris and states that he'll be around. Chris is heartened by this. Patrick tells SpongeBob and Sandy good luck. Before he rolls himself off the Tire of Shame, he sings the Backstreet Boys', "I Want It That Way." A consoled Chris then signs off with Chef as Patrick screams with excitement about his elimination.

Eternal BondsEdit

Eternal Bonds


The finalists drag their supporters one-by-one to the McLean Society House.





The episode begins with Sandy and SpongeBob discussing how the challenge will work out in the finales. Chef tells them that it would be very extreme, whether by races or battles. Sandy is willing to partake in any challenge. SpongeBob interprets it as a friendly remark to compete as a finalist. The three then witness Chris destroying the Wheel of Potential. They ask Chris about why he is destroying the wheel. Chris responds that the producers told him that they were done with it overall. He also states that he misses Patrick and cries about the topic. Chef consoles him before Chris continues on destroying the Wheel of Potential. Sandy and SpongeBob are worried about Chris.

Sandy and SpongeBob respond in the confessionals that the finals would be on it's extremes and they're prepared for it. The next day, Chris tells them the challenge: Drag their supporters one-by-one to the McLean Society House. Sandy asks for their supporters. Chris tells them about the supporters. SpongeBob's supporters were Patrick, Owen, and Cameron. Sandy's supporters were Gwen, Courtney, and Zoey. The supporters pop out of nowhere. Chris is excited to see Patrick again after the previous night. Patrick states that being eliminated wasn't so bad. Sandy and SpongeBob are excited to see him too. Chef too, but he also offers the starfish food. Sandy notices that it would be like a "Boys vs. Girls" event.

When they start the challenge, SpongeBob gets the red wheelbarrow while Sandy gets a blue wagon. Sandy then pushes Gwen as SpongeBob starts pushing Owen. SpongeBob has a lot of inconvenience carrying Owen due to his heavy weight. Sandy, on the other hand, is lucky that her supporters were all light and manages to drop Gwen first. She then becomes worried for SpongeBob as he couldn't move the wheelbarrow to drop Owen. Owen tells SpongeBob not to give up because of his weight. SpongeBob's arms break in half. SpongeBob then shoves the wheelbarrow hard. Owen makes it, but SpongeBob falls down unconscious. Sandy proceeds to get Zoey while SpongeBob gets Cameron.

Despite his arms snapping in half, SpongeBob continues to complete challenge. Zoey asks Sandy how her time in the season was. Sandy responds, "Excellent, with a side of being extremely challenging to my advantage." Zoey is amazed by this and drops her off next. SpongeBob gets convenience as Cameron is very light compared to Owen or Patrick. SpongeBob then drops Cameron as he proceeds to get his buddy. Sandy then asks SpongeBob if he was okay. SpongeBob responds, "Sure, with a side of being destroyed because of dragging weight." They then continue to get Courtney and Patrick.

Courtney and Patrick make out and start discussing about their overviews of Chris and the season. They are then dragged by their fellow supporters. SpongeBob begins to struggle again since Patrick is obese. Sandy has convenience with Courtney. However, they run into a big gelatin prop, which Courtney misinterprets as an actual one and screams out of the wagon. Snady tries to retrieve her back and tells her that the gelatin is not real. This gives SpongeBob the opportunity to bring Patrick inside. SpongeBob does so and succeeds. Chef then happily declares SpongeBob the winner of Total Drama National.

After sunset, Chris gives SpongeBob the $1,000,000. SpongeBob is happy about this and everyone celebrates. Courtney apologizes to Sandy for costing her the money. Sandy doesn't care about that and just parties like everyone else does. Sandy asks Chris if she had to take the Tire of Shame. Chris responds, "No, Sandy. This was only for finalists like Squidward." Sandy is relieved by this. Patrick and Courtney kiss. Sandy congradulates SpongeBob and then swiftly take a long, blissing kiss. Everyone else is awed by this. Chris then signs off the season.


Contestant Gender Team Ranking Episode Reason
Alejandro Male Team Millions 15th Race to the Cash He quitted because he was tired of the season's quality and Chris.
Larry the Lobster Male Team Society 14th Slogan Schmorgishboardies Mr. Krabs switched his drawings with profanitic ones, causing his team to vote him out.
Gwen Female Team Society 13th S.S. McLean Mr. Krabs ambushed her to the ocean, and to a near-death drowning, diables her from continuing.
Pearl Krabs Female Team Millions 12th The Zeke Games Ezekiel maimed her severely so Chris removes her.
Heather Female Team Millions 11th/10th Healthy Hooligans Due to Squidward using the McLean Brand Chris Head, her and Jo are automatically removed due to the octopus and Courtney voting for them.
Jo Female Team Millions 11th/10th Healthy Hooligans Due to Squidward using the McLean Brand Chris Head, her and Heather are automatically removed due to the octopus and Courtney voting for them.
Zoey Female Team Society 9th Bail-Outs for Duncan Her idea of making Duncan nice backfired, automatically disqualifying her.
Squidward Tentacles Male Team Millions 8th The Defensive Drama Mr. Krabs tampered with the votes so his scheme could succeed.
Cameron Male Team Society 7th The National Bank of Chris McLean Mr. Krabs desired to tear Patrick's alliance apart, so he decided to choose the boy for elimination.
Owen Male Team Society 6th Chef's Meatyballs He was automatically eliminated for being the only contestant that barfed and did so to nearly everyone else, courtesy of Mr. Krabs.
Courtney Female Team Millions 5th Exiled! She couldn't think of a song; Mr. Krabs tampered with the votes again and placed it on her.
Eugene H. Krabs Male Team Millions 4th Target: Eugene Krabs Patrick selects him to be eliminated for being the season's antagonist.
Patrick Star Male Team Society 3rd Review of the Season He was already a finalist of a season.
Sandy Cheeks Female Team Society 2nd Eternal Bonds Courtney accidentally costs the squirrel her victory due to her phobia of green jelly.
SpongeBob SquarePants Male Team Society 1st Eternal Bonds Courtesy of Courtney, he manages to drop Patrick first, causing him to win the season.

Elimination Table

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Squidward Tentacles IN WIN WIN IN IN WIN OUT
Pearl Krabs IN WIN WIN OUT
Larry the Lobster WIN OUT
Alejandro OUT

WIN = Was on a winning team in that episode/Won a merge challenge

IN = Survived elimination

OUT = Eliminated

WINNER = Won the season

RUNNER-UP = Came in second of the season