Total Drama Legends was announced at the very end of Total Drama Mystery.

Overview Edit

This takes place in a Mystery Fortress, with lots of fog and a giant castle. The elimination ceremony is in the castle, which is barely called a Goody Bag Ceremony, in which somebody will receive a snack filled with the finest candy. The person who doesn't get a goody bag must take the Ride of Shame, where they will ride a helicopter into a boot camp. However, in episode 7, Chris hands out a Glided Chris Awards Ceremony in honor of season 2, Total Drama Action.

Contestants and Teams Edit

Killer Swimmers Edit

  • Alejandro
  • Courtney
  • Noah
  • Pagsa
  • Tim

Screaming Runners Edit

  • Bridgette
  • Cody
  • Felio
  • Hamoretcher
  • Izzy
  • Owen

Eliminated Edit

  • Sierra
  • Ezekiel
  • Gwen
  • Blaineley (Hostess of TDL Aftermath)
  • Geoff (Host of TDL Aftermath)
  • Heather
  • Eva
  • Tyler
  • Harold
  • Justin
  • Trent
  • Eva (again)

Andy, Beth, Dan, Dauror, DJ, Duncan, Feria, Jamie, Joshua, Katie, Laura, Leshawna, Lismia, Lindsay, Sadie, and Sara do not compete in this season, instead, they are shown in TDL Aftermath, which they are part of the peanut gallery.

Episodes Edit

  • 1. The Legend of Mystery Fortress - Part 1 (title reference to The Legend of Zelda)
  • 2. The Legend of Mystery Fortress - Part 2 (title reference to The Legend of Zelda)
  • 3. The Motor Limit
  • 4. Big Bad Mouse (character reference to the Big Bad Wolf)
  • 5. The Karate Chris (title reference to The Karate Kid)
  • 6. Aftermath: Goth Princess, The Homeschool, And The Charmy Girl Arrive to Aftermath
  • 7. Epic Dinner With a Gladiator
  • 8. Robo Mystic
  • 9. The Dragon Knight
  • 10. Mystic Egg (title reference to Mystic Pizza)
  • 11. Hot Tubs and Cold Pools
  • 12. Aftermath: Heather's Revenge
  • 13. Truth or Dark
  • 14. Who Do You Believe?
  • 15. Child's Fairytale (title reference to Child's Play)

Elimination Order Edit

Participant Team Status
Sierra Screaming Runners 1st Voted Out
in The Legend of Mystery Fortress - Part 2
Ezekiel Screaming Runners 2nd Voted Out
in The Motor Limit
Gwen Killer Swimmers 3rd Voted Out
in Big Bad Mouse
Blaineley Killer Swimmers 4th/5th Eliminated
in The Karate Chris
Geoff Killer Swimmers 4th/5th Voted Out
in The Karate Chris
Heather Killer Swimmers 6th Voted Out
in Epic Dinner With a Gladiator
Eva Screaming Runners Returns in Who Do You Believe?
7th Voted Out in Robo Mystic
Tyler Screaming Runners 8th Voted Out
in Mystic Egg
Harold Killer Swimmers 9th Voted Out
in Hot Tubs and Cold Pools
Justin Screaming Runners 10th Eliminated
in Truth or Dark
Trent Killer Swimmers 11th Voted Out
in Who Do You Believe?
Eva Screaming Runners 12th Voted Out
in Child's Fairytale

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only season DJ, Duncan, Leshawna, and Lindsay did not qualify for.