A New Season of TD Came.

You Can Exile To Boney Island From TDAS.

You Can Have Your Own Team & You Can Merge Early From TDIA (Which Means Its New) (But Only One Guy).

You Can Swap Teams From A YouTube Series; BFDI.

You Can Return From TD (Which Means Almost Every Season).

You Can Have The Chris Statue From TDROTI&AS

But If You Swap Teams & Your Not On A Team Youll Be On The Guys Own Team (In This Case Owens Team).

But If You Swap Teams & Your On The Guys Own Team (In This Case Owens) Youll Wont Be On A Team.

If You Are Eliminated Youll Go In The Rocket of Shame


Not Everyone Is Apperead But All That We Know is: Staci (Team Winners) Mr. Coconut (Team All Stars) Blainley (All-Star) Geoff (Winner) Owen (His Own Team) (Winner) Gwen (None) (All-Star) Chris McLean (All-Star) Chef Hatchet (Winner) Topher (Winner) Dave (No Team) B (Winner) Scott (Winner) Bridgette (All-Star)

New Characters:

Jack Thomas-Labeled The Chef Wannabe-He Is On Owens Team

Nick Jones-Labled The Noob (or Nerd) Boy-He Is On Team All-Stars

Ed Lee-Labled The Big Time Winner (oringally labled The Lucky Guy)-He Is On Team Winners


Ep. 1-Starter on Arrival Returning-Oddly, Chris McLean Returns Eliminated-Gwen Ep. 2-Nexty Wexty Returning-Oddly, Owen Eliminated-Staci Ep. 3-<Ep. 3> Eliminated-Mr. Coconut Ep. 4-<No Title> Eliminated-Chef Ep. 5-Eva (All-Star) Ep. 6-Dakota (Winner) Ep. 7-Chris Ep. 8-Owen Ep. 9-Chris (again) Ep. 10-Nick Jones Ep. 11-Blainley Ep. 12-Scott (Dakota Returns)

Elimination Table Edit

*Means That They Returned Before They Was Eliminated (or 1) **Means That They Was Never Knewn About Yet (or 2) ***Means That They Was Apcent for Some Reason & Had to Miss the Episode (or 3) 4 Means That They Might Be Possible to Go to the Finale 5 Means That They Might Be Possible to Go to TDAA 6 Means That They Might Not Go to the Finale 7 Means That They Mighy Not Go to the TDAA

Elimination Table
# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
6 Dakota IN IN WIN WIN WIN OUT Ret urns in Epi sode 12 LOW
4 Chef Hachet WIN WIN LOW OUT Re tu rns in Ep is ode 14
1 Gwen OUT
2 Staci LOW OUT
??? Jack Thomas IN IN WIN EXILE SWAPS Sick*** Hurt(Knee)*** EXILE WIN Sick3 IN FINALS4