Total Drama Island is a 2015 Canadian-American comedy film adaptation of the animated series of the same nane directed by Ash Brannon. Rated R. Sequels called Total Drama Action will be released on 2016. But Total Drama World Tour will become more better and Cody returns as the Protagonist.


The film follows the premise if the first season of the series with the same relationships and characters.

Producer and reality host Chris Mclean has produced a reality show for TeleNet (a reference to Teletoon and Cartoon Network, two of the networks that aired the show), with the assistance of Chief Hatchet, a disqualified competiter of Top Chef, were 22 young male and female contestants split into two teams, the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass, will compete in dareing challenges, trying to survive them and each other.



James Franco as Chris Mclean

Samuel L. Jacksonas Chief Hatchet


Mila Kunis as Gwen, the main protagonist

Jonah Hill as Owen, the main deuteragonist

Odette Annable as Heather, the main antagonist

Amber Riley as Leshawna

Logan Lerman as Trent, Gwen's boy-friend but performs a friendship with Cody

Mark Salling as Duncan, the secondary antagonist

Steve Talley as Geoff

AnnaSophia Robb as Brigdette

Jon Heder as Harold, Leshawna's boyfriend

Lyndsy Fonseca as Courtney, Duncan's girl-friend but annoys everyone with her C.I.T. talk.

Martha MacIsaac as Izzy

Amanda Seyfried as Lindsey

Ashley Loren as Beth

Michelle Rodriguez as Eva

Michael Cera as Cody, Gwen's one-sided love-interest and Harold's best-friend

Aziz Anzari as Noah, Owen's friend but the team dislike him for laziness.

Channing Tatum as Justin

Matt Prokop as Tyler

Nikki Blonsky as Sadie

Vanessa Lengies as Katie

Erik Knudsen as Ezekiel, protective farm boy but is disliked for sexist comments.


Ryan Seacrest

Matt Lauer

Katie Couric

Donald Sutherland

Celine Dion

David Letterman

Jay Leno


Unlike in the series were each character is introduced on the Dock-of-shame, each character is brought in by Chris and Chief Hatchet who interupt them to tell them they have been accepted to the show. This is to give audiences who are unfarmilar with the series a feel of what the charcters are like.

Gwen: Gwen is introduced whilst she reads a book by Edger Allan Poe trying to avoid a group of frizby players. She is disturbed by Chris, and says she only volieneered as a joke.

Trent: Trent is introduced outside of his house after an argument with his father on missing a Harvard meeting to sneak into a recording. Chris takes him away, as Trent looks behind at his disappointed father.

Owen: Owen is found having passed out from eating 61 slices of pizza. Chris wakes him up, think they might need another contestant since Owen might be dead. After soiling himself, they see he's alive and Owen rises and hugs Chris, disgusting him and leaving a large pee standing on Chris's paints.

Heather: At the mall, Heather meets with her click looking down at a rival. Heathers phone along with everyone else's rings, showing an image of her rival kissing the quarterback with the words slut underneath the photo. Humiliated, her rivals runs away crying. Chris swoops in, Heather acting surprised.