Total Drama Island: The Video Game: is the first fangame based on the Total Drama series. It is a 3D videogame. It was released on Playstation 3, Wii, and DS in 2010.


All episodes in the video game are based on the episodes of the same name.

  • 1st episode: Greet everyone, get to know everyonE.
  • 2nd episode: Try to make it inside the rings, and avoid the sharks, and build the hot tub.
  • 3rd episode: Try to run around the camp, and try to stay up late.
  • 4th episode: Beat the other team at Dodgeball.
  • 5th episode: Win the talent competetion.
  • 6th episode: Try to survive the outdoors.
  • 7th episode: Face your fears.
  • 8th episode: Complete the canoe trip.
  • 9th episode: Shoot paintball at the deers.
  • 10th episode: Prepare the food.
  • 11th episode: Make it through all the trust challenges.
  • 12th episode: Make it through the boot camp challenge.
  • 13th episode: Make it tyhrough the extreme challenges.
  • 14th episode: Eat all the disgusting foods.
  • 15th episode: Survive the 10 seconds challenge.
  • 16th episode: Find the keys and open your treasure chest.
  • 17th episode: Play hide n seek.
  • 18th episode: Build your bike and race it.
  • 19th episode: Survive the night with the psycho.
  • 20th episode: Capture your animals.
  • 21st episode: Get along.
  • 22nd episode: Once again, get to know how each camper is doing.
  • 23rd episode: Try to survive.
  • 24th episode: Try to make it to camp.
  • 25th episode: Do all those disgusting dares.
  • 26th episode: Race in the final 2.
  • 27th episode: Find the million dollar case.

Characters Edit

All of the voice actors/actresses have reprised their roles in the game.

  1. Christian Potenza as Chris
  2. Clé Bennett as DJ
  3. Dan Petronijevic as Geoff
  4. Megan Fahlenbock as Gwen
  5. Drew Nelson as Duncan
  6. Rachel Wilson as Heather
  7. Novie Edwards as Leshawna
  8. Scott McCord as Owen
  9. Clé Bennett as Chef Hatchet
  10. Stephanie Anne Mills as Lindsay
  11. Kristin Fairlie as Bridgette
  12. Scott McCord as Trent
  13. Katie Crown as Izzy
  14. Brian Froud as Harold
  15. Emilie-Claire Barlow as Courtney
  16. Lauren Lipson as Sadie
  17. Sarah Gadon as Beth
  18. Peter Oldring as Cody
  19. Stephanie Anne Mills as Katie
  20. Peter Oldring as Tyler
  21. Julia Chantrey as Eva
  22. Adam Reid as Justin
  23. Carter Hayden as Noah
  24. Peter Oldring as Ezekiel