This season is very similar to the fourteenth season of Survivor. 22 of the original cast return to compete in this season.


  • Team Ravu: Beth, Cody, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen and Trent.
  • Team Moto: Bridgette, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Harold, Katie, Sadie and Tyler.



Name Sex Original Team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Ezekiel Male Team Moto 1st Episode 2
Harold Male Team Moto 2nd Episode 3
Noah Male Team Ravu 3rd Episode 4
Heather Female Team Ravu 4th Episode 6
Katie Female Team Moto 5th Episode 7
Eva Female Team Moto 6th Episode 8
Tyler Male Team Moto 7th Episode 9
Sadie Female Team Moto 8th Episode 10
Beth Female Team Ravu 9th Episode 12
DJ Male Team Moto 10th Episode 13
Cody Male Team Ravu 11th Episode 15
Lindsay Female Team Ravu 12th Episode 16 For her pure stupidity
Duncan Male Team Moto 13th Episode 17 His criminal past catched up to him.
Courtney Female Team Moto 14th Episode 18 She dissapointed Team Moto too many times by this point.
Izzy Female Team Ravu 15th Episode 19 She did something completely crazy by this point.
Justin Male Team Ravu 16th Episode 20 Most of the other campers voted him off since he was a threat to their chances to win.
Bridgette Female Team Moto 17th Episode 21 Her clumsiness.
Geoff Male Team Moto 18th Episode 22
LeShawna Female Team Ravu 19th Episode 23
Owen Male Team Ravu 20th Episode 25 Trent voted him off just so that he could win.
Trent Male Team Ravu Runner-up Episode 26
Gwen Female Team Ravu Winner Episode 26


  • Katie and Sadie wear green clothing in this season.