The cast will have to survive dangerous challenges, like going underwater, walking across a volcano, and doing treacherous things to get 10 million bucks. It takes place at the prototype version of Camp Wawanakwa (seen in the Camp TV promo).


  • Raging Rabbits: Cody, Ezekiel, Owen, Lindsay, Courtney, Kari, Alex, Tyson, Zoe, Jamie, Leslie
  • Vicious Wasps: Heather, Bridgette, Noah, DJ, Duncan, Gwen, Sonya, Seth, Edmund, Chelsea, Tanya


  1. Owen gets voted off.
  2. The 21 remaining contestants have to complete in a underwater challenge.
  3. This episode includes a challenge where the teams have to walk across a volcano.
  4. Winner: Seth Runner Up: Lindsay