Total Drama Candy is the wiki's second fanfic. It is hosted by QueenOrangeSoda.



  • Host--Lucia (QueenOrangeSoda)

Sweet SodasEdit

  • Cordelia--The Girl Who Loves To Talk On The Phone--
  • Myron--The Overacheiver--Zacbio
  • Bouldette--The Evil Villain--
  • Byron--The Farm Person--

Tasty TangerinesEdit

  • Tiffany--The Queen Bee--
  • Haroldin--The Egghead--
  • Abbie--The Creative Girl--
  • Lustin--The Ugly Guy--


This is not just a story. It is a camp. Choose which character you would like to be, and then tell me at the talk page. We will meet to chat at 11:00 on Saturday. Don't fuss if you get voted off. If you were a good competitor, and you are nice to me, I might let you back on the show. Might.


Lucia: Welcome to Total...Drama...Candy! We make candy each week, and the worst candy maker that week will be eliminated! Now, let me welcome...Cordelia!

Cordelia: *babbling on the phone*