This season takes place at Wuhu Island, a large tropical island. It is tropical in climate, and has a variety of wildlife, such as seagulls, eagles, and the occasional whale. All of the thirteen contestants from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island returned: Anne Maria, B, Brick, Cameron, Dakota, Dawn, Jo, Lightning, Mike, Sam, Scott, Staci, and Zoey. The Dock of Shame (from Total Drama Island) returns.


  • Screaming Seagulls: Anne Maria, Brick, Cameron, Jo, Mike, and Zoey.
  • Killer Whales: B, Dakota, Dawn, Lightning, Sam, Scott, and Staci.


  1. Balloon Poppers
  2. Total Lies
  3. Pukey Funny Time
  4. I Scream You Scream We All Scream Help!
  5. Death or Liver
  6. Winner: Sam, Runner-Up: Jo

Elimination tableEdit

Rank Name Team Episode eliminated in Reason
13 B Killer Whales "Episode 1"
12 Staci Killer Whales "Balloon Poppers"
11 Scott Killer Whales "Total Lies"
10 Anne Maria Screaming Seagulls "Total Lies"
9 Lightning Killer Whales "Pukey Funny Time"
8 Brick Screaming Seagulls "I Scream You Scream We All Scream Help!"
7 Dawn Killer Whales "Death or Liver"
6 Dakota Killer Whales "Episode 8"
5 Cameron Screaming Seagulls "Episode 10"
4 Zoey Screaming Seagulls "Episode 11"
3 Mike Screaming Seagulls "Episode 12"
2 Sam Killer Whales "Winner in Episode 13"
1 Jo Screaming Seagulls "Runner-Up in Episode 13"