All 38 Contestants are told by Chris that this a Series Finale Special and that Total Drama is being cancelled.Everyone gasps and Gwen asks if he is telling the truth.All the Winners and Runner-Uppers stand on a stage.Owen, Gwen, Duncan, Beth, Alejandro, Heather, Cameron, Lightning, Mike, Zoey, Scott and LeShawna all receive a marshmellow.Chris then annouces that he has hid $1,000,000,000.Anyone who finds it will collect it.Everyone then races around the Island.Lindsay,Beth,Katie and Sadie form a group with Trent,Courtney and Tyler.Gwen and Duncan apparently have gotten back together during TDUS.Courtney runs into them and goes to find Scott.When she finds Scott he is getting trampled by Deer.Courtney helps him up.Bridgette, Geoff, DJ, Harold and LeShawna look in a cave.Izzy and Owen are with a cured Ezekiel looking for the billion in the cave also.They meet up with each other and form into one group.Chef is dressed as a bear to scare them off.Brick, Jo and Lightning are scared off.Lightning gets lost.Jo and Brick say their final good-byes and kiss.Lightning watches in terror.Chef(Bear) is found by Izzy, Owen, Ezekiel, Bridgette, Geoff, DJ, Harold and LeShawna.They are all scared off except Izzy who reveals his true identity.Chris then gives them a clue it is flying high with an Eagle.They all hear this and remember the teams from Season 7 and go chasing after Eva.Eva however is not the eagle they are looking for.Courtney is revealed to have ditched Scott for the billion and is heading to the docks.Every Contestant jumps on her however she escapes and gets to the docks.Chris then titles her the ultimate winner of Total Drama History!