Total Drama: Campers' Revenge is the 6th season of Total Drama. The winner receives 100000000000000000 dollars!


Screaming GasesEdit

  • Heather
  • Ezekiel
  • Bridgette
  • Trent
  • Izzy
  • Gwen
  • Duncan
  • Courtney
  • Lindsay
  • Beth
  • Alejandro
  • Geoff
  • Sasha

Killer BophersEdit

  • Justin
  • Owen
  • Noah
  • Sierra
  • Cody
  • DJ
  • Tyler
  • Leshawna
  • Harold
  • Liam
  • Katie
  • Sadie
  • Eva
  • Liam

Elimination TableEdit

26th: Gwen

Courtney told everyone to vote for her, or else they will vote for him/her,

25th: Tyler

Tyler kept on failing, so the team decided to get rid of him.

24th: Alejandro

People now know the true Al, then got rid of him.


The team realized he was sabotaging the team

23rd: Harold

Lost in the dodgeball.

22nd: Sadie

People got enough for her squealing.

21st: Eva

Her rage made her a target for the team.

RETURNS!: Ezekiel

Ezekiel accidentaly dropped the prize when they were about to win.

20th: DJ

His new "momma always" personality made his team lose.

19th: Beth

The team randomly voted.

18th: Courtney

Courtney was blamed for the team;s loss.

17th: Trent

Trent lost in the instant-death round challenge.e

16th: Leshawna

Heather's mischiefs made her blamed.

15th: Izzy

Her craziness made her team lose.

14th: Justin

He refused to win the challenge due to his risk of his beauty.



13rd: Noah

Heather and Sasha made an alliance and voted him out due to his lack of strength.

12nd: Sierra

Her newcoming personality made her a threat.

11st: Owen

Popularity is a threat.

10th: Geoff

His act made the team lose.

9th: Duncan

Duncan rage quitted.

8th: Katie

Thought she did not deserve to win.

7th: Sasha

Heather betrayed her and elimated her.

6th: Lindsay

During the quiz test, she lost and was eliminated.

5th: Liam

He got eliminated by the lie detector test, on who made him sabotage his team.

4th: Heather

Realized she made Liam sabotaged the team.

3rd: Cody

He got mauled by the bear... AGAIN!

WINNER/S: Ezekiel or Bridgette!!

Theme SongEdit

the same lyrics

The theme song starts with cameras randomly popping out of nowhere, it passes by Chris who is stuck on a hole, then onto the cliff, into the water, and reveals Owen, swimming, but a shark gobbles him up, then spits him up to the surface, making him float. Noah then jumps on him, but Izzy swings on a vine and carries Noah away. Noah lands on an alligator, who is running after Trent. Sasha then looks at Trent then rolls her eyes, but sees Heather right beside her. Then they slap fight until they fall of the waterfall, and falls ontop of Geoff and Bridgette kissing, which disturbs Liam, but Duncan is busy laughing since Geoff's pants fell down, but Courtney heals him with a stare. Then the camera goes to the confessional toilet then reveals Justin holding a mirror, and Lindsay, Beth, Katie, and Sadie are oooooing over him, much to Tyler's disappointment. Tyler is hit by Ezekiel who comes rolling downhill, then Cody is seen being carried by Sierra into the messhall. Chef is making soup, much to Gwen's disgust. Leshawna comes by and highfives her. Eva is busy with barbels, which accidentally hits DJ's soup, then Harold slips on it. Then the scene switches to night, to the campgrounds. The song ends with Alejandro playing the Spanish Guitar.


Chapter 1: Back to Wawanakwa Part 1Edit

The theme song plays 

The episode begins with Chris' face on a screen, being pushed by Chef.

Chris: Hello, viewers! I'm Chris McLean. Your host of TOTAL DRAMA CAMPERS' REVENGE! The winner gets about like, uh... (gets calculator, begins to count) Forgot. Nevermind. Today, we are back on Camp Wawanakwa! You may realize I am on the TV Explo. Its because I got arrested. Hahaha. But the producers forced me to host the show for no pay! Sad isnt it? Ill be stuck here. Or will I? Let's meet our campers!!

(A boat comes by and drops Duncan)

Chris: Duncan! Whats it like to be back here?

Duncan: Like a skunk.

(The next boat comes by and drops Gwen)

Chris: Hey, Gwen!

(Gwen ignores Chris, and walks straight to Duncan and hugs him.)

Chris: Ok..... Let's welcome, Izzy!

(Izzy's boat is still far away, but Izzy is seen swimming to the surface)

Izzy: Hey, guys! Nice to be here! Do you guys have a bathroom? I just ate five lobsters on the way here. Its weird how they taste so hard.

Chris: Oh yeah, the confessional is ready. But a few complications made it a little.... Crappy?

Izzy: Sweet!

(Izzy comes rushing to the bathroom, The next boat comes by and is carrying Cody)

Chris (from afar): Hey! Whaddup Cody?

Cody (from afar): Just putting a little... adjustments to the boat!

(The boat explodes, throwing Cody onto the dock)

Cody: Ow!! My licorice!

Duncan: Haha. Nice job, nerd.

Gwen: Alright, Duncan, better not be harsh on Cody. Remember he saved me from elimination in the 3rd season.

Duncan: Hahaha. Of course, darling.

(The next boat comes by and drops Alejandro.)

Alejandro: Hey, guys.

(Cricket noises)

Alejandro: ...

Alejandro CONF: Really. After Total Drama World Tour, people have been hating me since.. Why?

Gwen CONF: Sheesh, Alejandork. Why dont you just quit already?

Chris: Alright, now, we have...

(The boat comes by and drops Eva. The gang are terrified.... except for Alejandro and Izzy.)

Izzy: Hey! Whats up, Eva!? You looking tough!

Eva: That's right. You better pack your bags everyone. 'Cuz Im gonna win this!

(The next boat comes by and drops Lindsay)

Lindsay: Hey, Kevin. Is Taylor here yet?

Chris: First of all, it's Chris. By the way, Tyler's not here yet.

Lindsay: Is Beth..

Beth (from the ship): LINDSAY!

Lindsay: BETH!

(Beth comes by the dock. The BFFLs hug eachother)

Duncan: Aww.... how NOT sweet.

Cody: C'mon. dont you think it's cute?

Duncan: No.

Cody CONF: How could you not think it's cute?

Duncan (from outside the confessional): That's because it isnt!

Cody CONF: ..... I'll stay here for a minute.

(The next boat arrives, dropping Heather, who has regained her hair.)

Heather: Nice to not be here...

Beth: I like it better with her season 2 style.

Heather: Sorry, nerd. I'm not gunna say this, but.. Never mind. I wont.

(Beth grunts)

(The next boat comes and drops Harold an Leshawna)

Harold: Hey guys.

Leshawna: Hey babies! ...And Heather, and Al.

Alejandro CONF: (Facepalm)

(The next boat arrives, dropping Trent.)

Trent: Hey.

Duncan CONF: That Trent should NOT be stealing my girl...

(The next boat arrives, dropping Courtney, still mad at both Duncan and Gwen. She smiles at Trent.)

Courtney: Hey, Chris, can I NOT be on a team with them?

Chris: For more drama... NO!

(The next boat arrives, dropping Katie and Sadie)

Katie: EEEE! It's so nice to be here!

Sadie: EEE! I know!

Katie: EEEE!

Sadie: EEE!

Katie: EEE!

(The boat comes by and drops Noah.)

Katie: EEE!!

Sadie: EEE!

Noah: Eeee..... waitta go!

(Katie blushes)

Katie CONF: Oh my gosh. Noah is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!! Better not tell him though.

Chris: And our next contestant is...

(The next boat arrives and drops out Justin)

(Justin's theme song plays.)

(Disc scratch)

Beth: You are cute, but thats not gunna work anymore.

Justin: What do you mean?

Beth: Well, your tricks all ended in TDA.

Justin: ...

(The next boat arrives, dropping Sierra.)

Sierra: Eeee! Where's Cody?!

(Cody is hiding behind a bush, sucking his thumb)

Sierra: I know your there! You cant hide from love!!

Chris: Ok, our next contestant is.... 

(Bridgette is surfing on the waves, landing on the dock.)

Bridgette: Hi, guys... Hi Evila.

Eva: Dont... You... Dare... Call me that!

Bridgette CONF: She is soo going down.

(The next boat comes and drops Geoff who is swirling his hat.)

Geoff: WOOOHOOO!! This place is coool!! Chris, man, whats up!

Chris: Prison-y.

Geoff: Woah, thats hurtin'

(The next boat comes and drops Owen)

Owen: WOOOHOOO!! This place is cool!! Chris, man whats up!

Izzy: Oh my gosh, I'm getting a de ja vu!

Owen: Uhh... Hi Izzy,, about that.... break..

Izzy: Dont worry boyo.

(Owen smiles)

Owen CONF: (Sigh) I'm still bummed about me and Izzy's break.... Its just.... I'm bummed.

(The next boat arrives and drops DJ.)

DJ: Hi Chris.

Chris: Hi DJ, Whats up?

DJ: Cool! Hey, did you get rid of the toxic wastes?

Chris: Uhhh..

(The island is still polluted.)

Chris: Yeah..

(The next boat drops by Tyler)

Tyler: Lindsay! (He runs up to her, but trips.) Oof.

Lindsay: Oh my gosh, are you hurt?

Harold: Aren't we missing one more?

Bridgette: Yeah...

Chris: (Giggles.) I think you mean...

(Ezekiel is on the boat, arguing with the driver.)

Driver: Listen, man, If you dnot get to the dock, I'm fired!

Ezekiel: Like I care! I want to go back home!

(Ezekiel is thrown out of the boat and into the dock.)

Ezekiel: Ow! Uhh... Hey guys. Dont worry, Im not feral. Im just cured by this bandage. You see, whenever I pull it, I get feral powers, eh.

Geoff: Wooo... That's cool homeschool.

Duncan: Alright, lets bail, Im gunna go unpack,

Chris: Uh uh uh! Were still missing some people!

Harold: Uh, no..... Thats all of us.

Chris: We have new contestants. 

Everyone else: What?!


Noah: We heard! We just cant believe there are newbies! I cant stand Sierra and Al!

Alejandro: Dont you dare call me that incompetent name!

Noah: Hehehe.. Make me.

Katie CONF (Jumping up and down, blushing): EEEEEEEEEE!!!!

(The boat arrives, dropping down a blue haired handsome young boy.)

Chris: Liam! What's up!

Liam: Cool! Cant believe I'm actually here.

Chris: And our next contestant is.....

(The next boat comes and drops a green haired girl.)

Chris: (gulp) Hey, Sasha.

Sasha: What ever.

Chris: Alright. Your challenge starts tomorrow. You need to eat lunch.

Gwen: Heck no. We're not eating Chef's garbage.

Chef: What did you call my cooking?!

Gwen: Uhh.... wonderful delights?

Chef: Thats what I thought I heard.

(The scene cuts to the mess hall. The contestants are sitting randomly.)

Katie: (Giggles)

Sadie: What's wrong girl?

Katie: I have a crush.

Sadie: Really????! Who?!

Katie: Sorry, Sadie, I cant tell... Its a deep secret.

Sadie: Oh, alright. Want a pickle?

Katie: Ok.

Chris: Campers! Let us arrange yourselves to two teams. When I call your name, come to my right side.

Lindsay: In prison?

Chris: Uh, no, honey. The right side of the TV Explo.

Lindsay: Oh ok... Which is right again?

Chris: Gwen, Duncan, Courtney..

Courtney: NOOOO!!!

Chris: Trent...  Sasha, Beth, Lindsay.... Alejandro..... Ezekiel... Geoff, Bridge... Sasha... Izzy.... and Heather.

Gwen: CONF: Waitta go, Chris. Putting me, Duncan, Courtney, and Trent at the same time. And Heather is like... (blows her hair of her face)

Courtney CONF: NO! NO! NO!

Duncan CONF: This sucks.


Chris: The rest of you, you are team two. Team one are... the Screaming Gases!

Gwen:..... You're kidding me right.

(Chris gives the flag to Gwen, but Courtney steals it from her.)

Chris: The rest of you are the... Killer Bophers.

Noah: What the heck's a bopher?

Chris: I have no idea.

(Chris gives the team flag to Noah.)

Noah CONF:You know, I think Total Drama isnt so bad..

Katie CONF: Oh my gosh! Can you imagine? "Noah the Leader" Isnt that awesome?! EEE!

(Sasha is outside, hearing everything. Then an evil grin comes to her face.)

Chris: Woah. That's a shocker. Who would win? Who would go home? And who would want to spill the beans? Find out next time on Total, Drama, CAMPERS' REVENGE!!!

Chapter 2: Back to Wawanakwa Part 2Edit

Chris (during the recap): Last time on Total Drama Campers' Revenge. The campers had some fun times, explosives, my misery, and some drama! Courtney was put on Duncan,Gwen, and Trent's team, much to her dispair, and I sat down to watch the fireworks!  Who will go home? Who will be here once again? And who will spill the beans? Find out now on Total. Drama. Campers' Revenge!!

(Theme song)

(Episode begins at the messhall. The campers are eating.)

Courtney: UGH! I hate my team! However, my leaderships skills will help this out.

Heather: (Scoff) Who said YOU'RE the leader?

Courtney: Me.

Heather: Whatever.

Trent: Guys, stop it. We need some strategy. We need someone from the other team to sabotage their team, so we can win!

Heather: Good idea Trent.

Gwen: You know, that isn't such a bad idea..... Besides... I think Liam is a good choice. He is a new guy. He can handle it.

Sasha: Sweet. I'll go get him.

(Sasha goes to the Bophers' table then grabs Liam)

Sasha: Hey, Liam, like your team?

Liam: Not much. Most of them are morons. But hey, not as bad as Courtney. Me and Noah learned to be friends.

Sasha: Yeah,yeah, wutever. I want you to sabotage your team.

Liam: Wha? Why?

Sasha: That's because we want to win. And we wont get you eliminated. Trust us.

Liam: Hmmm.... cover me?

Sasha: Deal.

(Sasha comes back to her table.)


Bridgette: I dont know. I feel bad for the bophers.

Geoff. Yeah, Owen's gunna explode!

Ezekiel: It's ok, eh. It's for the sake of the team. Besides, eh, I think I'm gunna go out first if we lose.

Gwen CONF: "I think I'm guna go out first if we lose"? Great! Now all I have to do is sabotage my team so Court-court won't take me out.

Courtney CONF: I think Zeke or Gwen's gunna go down first. I'm positive.

(However, on the Bopher's table)

Sadie: Hey, Katie, can ya tell me?

Katie: Aaaah... (Katie stares at Noah doing nothing)

Sadie: Katie?

Katie: Ah! What? Who? Oh. No.

Sadie: Oooowww...

Noah: Hey, Liam, if we lose, who would you vote out?

Liam: Ehhh.... I dont know. How 'bout Tyler?

Lindsay (from afar): NO!

Heather: Again?

(Chef pushes TV Explo Chris into the messhall)

Chris: Ca-

Noah (mocking Chris): "Campers! It's time for your first challenge! Assemble to the dock immediately! I'm hot!)

Chris: Alright, I would kick you out of the game, Noah-it-all. But the I'm Hot part took the spot. :P

(Switch to the dock of shame)

Chris: Alright. Your first challenge is... (looks around) (whispering) get me out of here.

Cody: Come again?

Chris (Whispering): get me out of here!!

Duncan: Pfft.. And why would we do that mister?

Chris: Chef?

(Chef has a chainsaw in his hand)

Duncan: Cool. Hey, Chef, can I borrow that after the challenge?

Chris: You must go to the beach, grab a canoe with a partner. Row all away until you see a giant tower. I'm at room 43. The team who gets me first, wins. Remember. The teams should be pairs from each team. Bopher or Gas.

Gwen CONF: I hate being called a gas. Reminds me of Owen.

Owen CONF: Pancakes, pancakes, we all love pancakes!

Justin: Hey Chris, can I have a mask?

Chris: No. 40 minutes... starts NOW!

(The campers' all rush to the canoes and grab their partners)

Beth: Lindsay! Forever!

Lindsay: EEEE!

Owen: Hey, Chris, I only need one player in this canoe.

Chris: (thumbs up)

Harold: My fair, Leshawna, would you please be kind enough to..

Duncan: Shut up, homie.

Leshawna: ..... Yes.

Duncan: Hey, Gwen.

Gwen: Alright.

Courtney: ugh...

Trent: Hey, Courtney, uh, wanna be my partner?

Courtney (blushes): Of course.

Courtney CONF: I see alot of fan posts about Cwent? So not happening. This is all strategic!!!

Sasha: Hey Noah. Wanna hear someting?

Noah: Please, be my guest.

Sasha: Katie has a crush on you.

Noah: (stops running) Come again?

Sasha: I know right?

Noah: Wow, Katie, that hotbag, has a crush on me?

Sasha: Won't believe it.

Sasha (Runs to Liam): Hey, Liam, wanna be my partner?

Liam: I'm ok with that.

DJ: Hey, Izzy, wanna be my partner?

Izzy: Roar, I'll be that paddler!

Alejandro: Heather... my sweet... May I be your partner?

Heather (blushes): Uhhh..

Alejandro: I'll take that as a yes (grabs Heather by the hand and brings her to the canoe)

Cody: Uhh... Sierra?

Sierra: Yes, Cody?

Cody: Will ya be my partner?

Sierra: Ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!exclamation point exclamation point (she keeps on repeating this, so Cody pushes her to thr canoes)

Cody: Ooof.. ooff..

Bridgette: Let's go, Geoff!

Geoff: A-right!

Ezekiel: Uhh.

Tyler: Hey dude, I'll go with you. Better than with Evila.

(Eva breaks a tree with a knock)

(Zeke and Tyler shivers)

Justin: Hey, Eva.

Eva: I will rip your soul if you will flirt with me.

Justin: No,no, I wont. I'm just here for a partner. Care to join me?

Eva: (Puts a branch down) Alright.

Justin CONF: (Coughs like crazt) AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! (Someone sprays perfume to him) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA---- *beep*

Katie: Sadie! Sadie!

Sadie: EEEE!

Chris: All have partners?

Everyone except Noah: Ye-

Noah: NO! Noah has noo!! You hear me?

Katie: Hey, Noah, we have an extra seat. We got the right canoe!

Noah: (smiles, and gets in the canoe)

Chris: On your March.... april... may... june..

Noah: Really dude. Hurry up.

Ezekiel: Yeah, eh. I dont got all day,eh.

(Chris is obviouly annoyed)

Chris: Go!!!

(The campers all paddle as fast as they can.)

Courtney: Oh, no, we're last place!

Trent: Not to worry. I found this in a chest down the canoe.

(Trent attaches a motor engine and activates it 9 times)

Courtney: Really?! Nine times!?

Trent: -.- Train.

Courtney: Oh yeah.

Heather: Hey, Alejandro..

Alejandro: Yes?

Heather: Would you mind... If i attach this button?

Alejandro: Sure.

Heather: Okie dokie. (Attaches it)

(The canoe begins to move itself)

Alejandro: Woah!

Heather: Amazing!

(Heather and Alejandro look at eachother then begins to make out, followed by Bridgette and Geoff who also got a button who are making out)

Duncan: Where are we? Make up land?!

Gwen: Look!

Duncan: WOAH!



Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama---

Duncan: Yo, Chris, you forgot to tell us something?!

Chris: Oh yeah, I put some man-eating Sharks, crocodiles, Fang, Bears with boats, and eels. So what?

Harold: You are freaking insane!!

Chris: Thanks!

(Harold begins to hit the enemies with his katana)

Harold: Take that Burg!

Leshawna: Who's Burg?

Harold: Long story.

Justin: (Distracts enemies)

Eva: Nice one! Now, I found this button. It will make us quick. (Attaches it)

(Boat begins to sink)

Eva: Ow.. Crap

Justin: No! Hey, Shark, help!

Fang: Ok.