Notes: These theories could explain the possible origins of Mike's DID and its subjects and their problems. Please remember that these are just theories. I was intending to do only one theory, but I'm doing 2 theories.

Theory 1: Mike's DID wasn't natural, it was an accident:

It hasn't always been there, but Mike was. The subjects don't remember how or why the DID is there, but Mike does, but he refuses to mention it. Mike was a victim bullies when he was just a kid. He was bullied for how he looked and acted. One day, it happened. In fifth grade at recess, Mike was playing with his friends, and one of the bullies threw rocks at Mike, and he threw one so hard at Mike, it knocked him unconscious. Mike was sent home, and the bully was expelled. Each personality represents something involved in the accident. Chester represents the principle who expelled the bully, Sveltlanta represents one of Mike's friends, which was a girl into gymnastics, the girl was the one who told on the bully about the accident, Vito represents another one of Mike's friends, a boy who was into physical activity, the boy was the one who stopped the bully from throwing any more rocks at the unconscious Mike, Manitoba Smith also represents one of Mike's friends, a boy who loved to dig a lot, the boy was the one that helped take the unconscious Mike home, and Mal represents the bully who knocked Mike out. This explains why the personalities act who they are, because they represent someone that was involved in the accident.

Theory 2: Mike's personalities have problems of their own:

Mike is not the only one to have a problem (His being having DID [Disassocialtive Identity Disorder]). Each of his personalities have a problem of their own. Chester's problem is that he's in his mid-life crisis, that is why he is always so grumpy. Sveltlanta's problem is that she has Obsessive-compulsive Personality Disorder, which is why she wants a life of perfection. Vito's problem is that he Obsessive-compulsive Disorder, which is why he is always tough and scrappy, it is repetitive behavior to reduce anxiety. Manitoba Smith's problem is that he is a workaholic, which is why he tends to be do what a workaholic does, does what he considers "working". Mal's problem is different from the others. Mal is evil because he has Antisocial Personality Disorder, a disorder that causes ones that suffer it to be heartless, bad people. This explains why he's a bad, horrible personality.

If I have anymore TD theories, I may put them up here on this wiki, so stay tuned if you are interested in TD theories!